Sunday, August 02, 2015

6th Birthday Party

I can't believe I have a six year old!  
Since he was born, I remember realizing that a summer birthday lends itself to the best and easiest kind of birthday party- a pool party!  Here are the details from the celebration.

Although I did the same invitation for Berkley's first birthday, this party included a different crowd, so I went ahead with a fun repeat.  I inflated the beach balls to write on them, then deflated them to mail them.  
Ready for friends to arrive...
I planned on keeping things simple, but when I started prepping for the party, I got so excited about the theme potential. It was so much fun creating pool-themed snacks and decorations!
Fruit & veggies (the fruit was supposed to look like a beach ball)
Pool water (still water) and hot tub water (with bubbles)!
Party Favors...beach buckets with an inner tube, flip flops and a cookie
Birthday cake time!  This year Berk asked for a simple "Funfetti" cake with yellow icing.  Awesome and easy!
I simply love this photo because of Stephen & Todd's hats.
Berk had such sweet friends come to celebrate him!

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Cassidy said...

The hat picture is the best. ;)