Friday, July 31, 2015

Can I Have This Book?

First of all- how do I not buy my kids books?!  He loves them. I love them.  I love that he wants to own them and re-read them all.the.time.  So, when we find ourselves in the bookstore, it's so tough not to walk out of there with books.  
I know the answer is to stay out of the bookstore, but then...well...I just like the bookstore. So, I try to limit the books. We do go to the library almost every week, but he just flies through books at this stage in the game.  Perhaps when he starts reading thicker books, this won't be such a problem. 

Anyway...we walked in the book store and Berkley walked over to me with this book and said, "Momma, can I get this book?"  
I looked down, saw the title and thought, "Hooray!  An easy 'no'.  He has no idea what D-Day even is!"
So, I said, "No buddy.  You don't even know what D-Day is.  Maybe you can get that book when you're a bit older."
His response was, "Um, Mom.  I do know what it is is.  It's when we ran the Nazis out of Europe!"

We bought the book.

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