Sunday, April 05, 2015

Rising in Hope

Oh, Easter.  I pretty much cried the whole service.  Worship leads me to tears a lot in general, but this day was particularly special.  
Our dear Caleb was asked to bring in the Christ candle, and it was the most perfect thing I've seen.  Thankfully, Cassidy warned me several days ahead, but that just meant that I cried about it for the days leading up to Easter, and I cried the second worship began in anticipation of what was to come.
This sweet boy of ours falls a lot.  His ligaments just don't allow for the steadiness and assurance with which most 4 year old boys move and run and jump and play.  And yet, he has the happiest disposition.  He lacks discouragement or frustration or anger or even much sadness.  
He is an example of the resurrection. He falls, and he rises in hope.  He stumbles, and he believes in the value of grace and mercy for the journey ahead.  As one steps fails him and dies, he rises again with belief in what is to come.
And isn't that the resurrection story?  Isn't that the good news? 
Happy Easter!
Big sister, Lilly took the light to the alter afterward...
And for your amusement...Stephen took this picture of my crying and sent it to Cassidy on her phone (DURING church) for some comic relief!

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Cassidy said...

So special. So well summed up. Thank you for being you and for loving us!