Sunday, May 03, 2015

National Championship

We headed down to Augusta, Georgia for the USA Cycling National Championship.  It was one of Stephen's major goals for the year, so we were super proud to travel alongside him for support.  

Early the morning of the race Berkley was able to ride a little section of the course.
He started off strong!

One of the things I love about going to Stephen's races is that they are usually in fairly rural areas.  That means, when Berkley and I are driving to the different rest stops along the way, we get to enjoy a lot of beautiful drives.  This was a particularly gorgeous day through the GA country.
After meeting Stephen at the first stop, Berkley and I spent some time exploring the woods at a nearby campground.
On the way to another rest stop we just happened to pass Stephen on the road!  I can't adequately explain how crazy is that we saw him!  It barely even makes sense that we would see him at this exact spot at this exact time, so we felt so lucky that we did!
Cheering him on through the window!
One downside to driving through the beautiful Georgia country is that there aren't a ton of places to stop for food.  I usually do a better job of bringing a cooler along, but this time, for various reasons, I didn't.  I also thought we'd have some food options closer by.  SO...that means we found an adorable country store nearby that had super-limited options.  Hear me say that this lunch of Grape Sunkist and Vienna Sausages was truly one of the most "healthy" options available to us.  I know.  
I love getting to see professional photos after one of Stephen's races.  Since we don't get to see much of the actual races, I love seeing him doing such hard work!

Stephen did well.  This was a race full of professionals and folks who have far more competitive personalities than Stephen has.  He finished well, and met all of his personal goals.  We were super-proud to support him and cheer for his fantastic finish!
We spent the evening in downtown Augusta and enjoyed some sweet family time down by the river.  It was a lovely weekend all around.

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