Friday, May 08, 2015

American Ninja Warrior

Berkley's PE teacher chose four students from his school to attend a physical fitness event in our county. Dorian Cedars, a competitor on American Ninja Warrior was speaking and "performing" at this event where the kids were challenged on a course outside.  Berkley was thrilled to be chosen, and was even more thrilled when he got to participate in the course.

Watching a demonstration by Dorian.
The first section of the course included a big run.
Dorian cheered on Berkley as he crossed the monkey bars.

He helped him reach the bar to start doing pull ups.
Berk is still working on his pole climb, so the other alternative was to jump up and hang onto the pole for a ridiculous amount of time!  That, he could do!
Berk and his buddy Culley, whose mom is a local PE teacher.
The boys with their new hero, Dorian.

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