Friday, May 22, 2015

11th Anniversary

I couldn't possibly love this man more than I do.  With every year it seems we fall more in love with each other, and learn new ways to rely on each other and care for each other.  God has blessed us beyond measure with a marriage that is worth any work that it takes. God has blessed me with a husband who cares for me so well and so deeply, who communicates with me in the ways I need it, even when he doesn't, and who dotes on me and always makes me feel special.  The thought of spending the rest of our lives together excites me just as much (maybe more) now as it did when we were first falling in love.  

Our 11th Anniversary included a fun night out to the Marshall Free House, Green Valley Grill, and a stay at the O'Henry hotel here in town. 

A little flashback.  I thought I was happy then!  Little did I know what was ahead!
My gift to Stephen was this fun cooler stand- handmade by a man from Sanford, NC.  It needs to be stained, but it's a great addition to our patio, and we look forward to using it this summer!

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