Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Water Day

It was so much fun to volunteer at Water Day at Berkley's school!  With it's global focus, the school spends a lot of time, money & effort on educating and even providing clean water around the world.  The school spends one instructional day engaging the students in conversations and activities that help them better understand water insecurity around the world, and how important conservation, earth care, and clean water provision are.

The kinders spent some time learning about the water cycle
They practiced carrying water in jugs (by hand and on their heads)  in a water relay- showing them what young children all over the world have to do to get water.  
This activity was punctuated by the incredible speech therapist, Ms. T-A who facilitated the activity, but also shared her own story about growing up without running water in her house.  Even I'd forgotten what a relatively new technology running water is.

Learning about run-off and water pollution...

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