Monday, April 06, 2015


We didn't make any "set in stone" plans for our spring break trip.  We wanted to leave ourselves the flexibility to enjoy each other and the locations as much as possible.  What a fun way to travel!

On the drive from DC to NYC, we got to stop in Princeton for the afternoon!  I've been wanting to show "momma's school" to Berkley for a while now, and it was fun to walk down memory lane with him and with Stephen (since our relationship really took off while I was there).

I did realize while walking down the street, that Berkley and I were twins once again.  Oops!
We had a delish lunch at our favorite Princeton restaurant, Hoagie Haven.  The hugest hoagies at the cheapest prices.  These things got me through seminary!
We didn't spent a ton of time in Princeton, but it was a beautiful day there, and a great stop on our way to New York.

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