Saturday, April 04, 2015

Okay, Fine

So, there's something I've recently figured out how to articulate about myself.  I struggle with "cult of personality" types.  I don't love musicians or actors or books or movies that have a big following- even if they are legit.  I get turned off by the following they get.  I have been this way truly as long as I can remember- at least since a particular instance in my memory in 5th grade when I reFUSED to like New Kids on the Block.   
While this part of me makes it easy to be not to be swayed by popular culture, it can occasionally mean that I miss out on interesting, good and even true things just by not exposing myself.  In recent years this has been no more true than with Christian blogger, personality, Jen Hatmaker.  Everyone loves her.  She's supposedly funny and a bit irreverent, and a truth-teller, and everyone feels like if they knew here they would instantly be best friends.  This overwhelming love of her sends me running the opposite direction.
But, I read a couple of her blogs friends posted on facebook, and then I stumbled on a couple of episodes of her HGTV show, and I found myself drawn to her book Seven.  And drawn to it in a "I bought it over a year ago and it sat on my bookshelf while I scowled at it every time I pass by" kind of way.
So, naturally I did what I do with all books that I feel like I should read, but just sit on my shelf because I can't get motivated on my on...I put it on our church women's book club list!  Haha!  I HAD to read it now!  So, begrudgingly, I packed the book in my backpack to read while I was at work in Florida.
And, naturally, I loved it.  Of course I did.  For all the reasons that everybody loves it.  It spoke truth.  It affirmed the way I already think, but it was equally challenging and encouraging.  Dang it!!
Here are a couple of pages I couldn't get enough of:
This quote is actually a Richard Rohr quote, but fits in perfectly with the premise and tone of her book.
Perfume?  Seriously?
So, the book got me.  She got me.  I'd probably even read more of her stuff now.  But I'm not gonna try to be her best friend (even though we probably would be).

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