Wednesday, April 08, 2015

NYC Day 3

Our third day in New York was as full as the others, but much colder!  

We started off with an early morning visit to the Empire State Building.  We arrived right when it opened, so we didn't have to deal with much of a crowd at all.
And, then we made a second stop at the waffle shop (they're that good).  We even let Berkley try one with some Nutella on top!
This particular morning was the "morning of fun" for Berkley!  We hit all the major toy stores- Toys R Us, the Disney Store, and FAO Schwartz!  We all had a blast exploring these massive stores!  

We rode the ferris wheel inside Toys R Us.  Confession:  I've always wanted to do that myself!
You can buy a picture afterward...I took a picture of the picture on the screen, and THEN realized there is clearly a sign that says not to do that.  Oops!
The most exciting part of Berkley's toy store experience!  The kid loves a Hot Wheel!
Hanging out in Time Square!  Berk loved climbing up and down these stairs over and over and over again!
The famous piano at FAO Schwartz!
For lunch, we headed downtown to my favorite diner from seminary days.  The Gramercy Cafe is the best.  Amazing food- practically anything you could want to eat, it's on their menu.  This was a fun trip down memory lane!
Stephen had an important work conference that afternoon, so Berkley and I decided to head up to the Metropolitan Museum of Art- just the two of us.  I can't even describe what a special experience it was!
I was intentional to let Berkley explore and examine the art that HE was interested in.  For a first time there, I wanted him to find it interesting and worthwhile- not stuffy & boring.  
So, we looked at a lot of modern art, and had some great talks about what he thought about it, and what the artists may have been thinking.
We explored the Van Gogh section, and talked about all of his swooping and sweeping brush strokes. We held our fingers up in the air and "traced" the brush strokes to get the feel of the art. I think Berk can ALMOST identify a Van Gogh painting in the midst of others now.  
This has always been one of my favorite installations at the museum, and this is now one of my favorite photos!
Riding on the subway to get dinner with Stephen
Stephen found an AMAZING restaurant for our's simply called "Ninja!"  We walked into a single door into a tiny room with a hostess at a desk.  When we checked in, an elevator door opened, she sent us in, and told us to "watch out for ninjas"!  The servers were all dressed in ninja style (complete with glow in the dark "swords" and stealthy ninja moves), and the whole restaurant had a cool, realistic Japanese Ninja village feel.
My own "ninja menu move"
The food was absolutely delicious, and came in huge portions.  It was a pricey night, but in addition to the yummy food, we paid for the experience, and it was well worth it.  I'd highly recommend it to friends.

We ordered a "mystery box", which came out with smoke oozing out of the lid.  The server had Berkley cautiously open it to reveal a yummy edamame appetizer.
Our drinks glowed in the dark!
All of our entrees arrived with some fanfare and artistic flair. Berk's was a three leveled "house" with a sparkler on top!
Berkley's three layers of food!  He ate almost all of it!!!
My delish spider roll...
With full bellies, we headed back to our hotel for the night and all fell asleep so quickly!

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