Thursday, April 30, 2015

Go Far Buddy

Berkley loved going to Go Far practice every Thursday afternoon.  Since our group runs on the track of the high school next door, there are often high school kids on the track at the same time.  This particular practice, a group of high school boys was walking/running the track, and Berkley just saddled right up to them and started chatting- you know, like he does.  Thankfully, the guys were super nice to him and seemed pretty entertained by this little kindergartner.  As Berk came around the track, I told him not to forget that he was there to run (the guys had slowed down to a stroll at that point), and one of the guys (a very muscular teenager who must be some kind of athlete), decided to take it upon himself to make sure Berkley did just that.  He challenged Berkley around the track, and the two left the other high school kids in the dust!  I could tell Berkley was just chatting his ear off along the way, but I saw nothing but smiles from the high schooler.  He was clearly happy to be running with Berk.  It was such a special afternoon, and left me so encouraged by such a positive, encouraging teen who took interest in a talkative little boy!

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