Saturday, April 11, 2015

Garden Time

The day after we got home from New York, we had to get our garden started!  Berkley went with me to pick out our veggies and marigolds for planting!  He was super helpful this year, and had fun being my helper.

Picking out pepper plants...
Berk was particularly invested in us buying these flowers to plant in our front yard!
I had to go back and buy another flat of marigolds!!
Making rows for planting...
I decided to let Berk try his hand at planting a few marigolds while I finished making rows.  I thought he may do a couple and then get bored.  Boy, did I underestimate him!  He loved the task, and planted almost every single one of our marigolds around the border of the garden- almost 50 total!
It's always so exciting to see the garden planted and ready to grow.  What a fun time of anticipation!

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