Sunday, April 05, 2015


Since I was gone most of Holy Week, and we were headed on a Spring Break adventure right after church on Easter, we had a lot to cram into a few hours!  
Easter morning greeted us with the end of the Holy Week story (this box illustration of Holy Week is still one of my favorite activities to do with Berkley each year), and a fun Easter basket with things to take on our vacation.
"Jesus isn't in the tomb!"
Easter basket time- new goggles, a Big Hero 6 activity book, a doodling book, and some new Crayola crayons & markers that are multi-cultural skin tones- something Berkley asked for one day while trying to color pictures of all his friends.

Church was wonderful, and we enjoyed taking pictures at the flower cross in front.

Silly buddies...
Shadows weren't our friends that day, but we still managed to all be looking at the camera in our Easter best!  

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Cassidy said...

I still love those shoes. ;)