Sunday, April 05, 2015


After church, we already the car packed up, and we set out on our spring break adventure!  We decided to drive up to New York City by way of DC- just the three of us for the week!

I got Berk some reading material about the cities, so he'd be prepped before hand, and some fun sweet treats that I'd picked up at Disney a couple of days before...
Sunday afternoon in DC was gorgeous!  
We explored the mall & the Washington Monument...
Red tennis shoes, seersucker pants and shades.  This kid...
We checked out the Museum of American History.  Berkley's favorite part by far was learning about all of the presidents.  Perhaps because people are always saying that he is going to be the president one day!

We walked over to the White House where they were setting up for the egg roll the next morning.
And Berkley had a fantastic exchange with this secret service officer.  He simply walked over to him and said, "Would you ask President Obama if he would mind meeting us for lunch the next time we are in town?"
This kid is certainly unafraid to ask for what he wants!  He truly thought it was a reasonable request.

For breakfast on Monday morning we found an outstanding waffle place nearby.  Just yum.
Before heading out of town Berkley & I visited the Lincoln Memorial.  It was a busy morning in DC & Stephen couldn't find parking, so he just dropped us off for a bit and drove around!
Berkley and I had some great conversations about all that Lincoln did for our country.  Over the entire trip to DC we had some good talks about race and equality in our country throughout history.  It was insightful for him, and I feel like he learned a lot.
While there, we said a quick prayer of thanks for President Lincoln's vision of equality for all people.  Berkley then said, "Yeah.  Those people who had him shot really weren't that smart.
Indeed, buddy.

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