Saturday, April 18, 2015

Berk's First Mountain Bike Race

In the past, Berkley has done a few basic kids' races before or after Stephen's races.  This year, the local youth developmental team is hosting a series of races just for the younger kids.
His first race was as Tanglewood Park in Winston-Salem.  He had SO much fun racing like Daddy does.  He competed first in the 6 and unders, a shorter ride than the regular course.  Then we also entered him in the 7-8 race- just for fun.  Stephen followed him on the bigger race and, he actually did quite well on the longer, more difficult course- better than he even did on the smaller course.  Most importantly, he had the BEST time!
At the end of the races, this kid's head was drenched with sweat, and his face was beet red.  He was exhausted, and hungry, but super-happy.

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