Wednesday, April 15, 2015

37th Birthday!

I had such a sweet birthday!  Stephen had to be out of town on my actual birthday, but on the day before, he made sure I felt plenty loved!  He & Berk went to Delicious (my favorite) and grabbed cupcakes in all of my favorite flavors!
On my actual birthday, after a dreary spring,  I was ready for a little color and cheer in my life.  So, I bought tulips for myself at the grocery store.  Cheap ones, but beautiful, and they actually lasted a while.  I don't love flowers in general, but this was a nice cheery reminder of spring throughout my house.
Cassidy, Christina, and I went for a walk at the Battleground Park.  I showed up and Christina immediately tied a birthday balloon around my waist and insisted I wear it the entire 4 miles!  Needless to say, I got lots of comments and "happy birthdays" from strangers we passed, and of course, we ran into people I actually knew!
We grabbed lunch and an afternoon beer at Sticks & Stones- my favorite pizza/salad place.  And we got to sit outside- my favorite!
Monday night I headed to my regular dance classes.  I was shocked to find that my friends had planned some surprise refreshments between tap & jazz- including beer.  I can honestly say I've never taken a dance class with a beer in hand 'til now!  We had the best time, and I felt so loved!
A cake that said "Happy Birthday, Rev" (our teacher, Mallory's nickname for me).
A wonderful birthday night with these sweet dance friends!
On Tuesday night, Dan & Melissa had me & Berkley over for a delicious birthday dinner.  In spite of Berk's crazy face in the photo, this is one of my favorite shots of me with my long time dear friend, Dan.
These two have a big ol' piece of my heart. I love that they live so close by!
Wednesday night the festivities continued with a night out in downtown Greensboro!  When we moved here I prayed VERY diligently for good girlfriends, and I got them in spades!  What a huge gift!  And what a blessing that they would come out to celebrate with me.
We started with drinks at Gibbs Hundred (a new brewery downtown), and then moved across the street to Spice Cantina for yummy Mexican food for supper.  
I certainly couldn't ask for a better birthday than this one!

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