Sunday, March 01, 2015

Something Old

I found these awesome artifacts in a box at my mom's house.  They are just so fun.

A bridesmaid luncheon for my mom's bff.  I love that it tells that she presented "her attendants with gifts of engraved gold bracelets."  Precious.
And this report card of mine...
I remember it SO well.
I got a B in conduct- which is TOTALLY not surprising (and was probably not the last time I got a B in conduct).  I talked all. the. time.  (wonder where Berkley gets it from...oh- both of his parents!)

But I got a B in handwriting then too!  WHAAATTT???!!
I remember it distinctly.
I remember that being my first B.
I remember deciding in that moment that I would never get a B in handwriting again.
And I didn't.
Apparently I'm motivated by poor grades in some areas and not others.

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