Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Baby Levi & Caleb

My dear friend Laurie's second baby Levi was born on March 2!  I met she, Greg & Caleb at the hospital before her scheduled c-section, so I could keep Caleb for a couple of days while they were in the hospital!  I'm so glad she lives close by so I could help her out, and celebrate with her!

Last photo before the baby!!
Berkley reading to Caleb after school...
 Caleb seemed to be fascinated watching Berkley and the other kids at gymnastics...
 Berkley was super-excited to show Caleb around his school the next morning.  He proudly showed him around the hallways and introduced him to folks at school.
 I think Caleb was equally fascinated and overwhelmed by all that was going on at the big school!
 I was able to take Caleb by the hospital to meet his brother for the first time!
 And I got to hold baby Levi and visit with Laurie while Greg took Caleb out for breakfast!

Caleb was a sweet and easy boy during our three days together!

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