Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Lenten Practice

At the beginning of Lent I printed out this page from the Praying in Color website, and left it on my desk.  Berkley discovered it and asked what it was.  After explaining that it's a page to write down someone you're praying for each day of Lent, he asked if he could do it.  How could I say no to that?  I didn't realize this could be such a good practice for a young kid!
A few days later I looked at the paper on my desk, and he'd been diligently filling it out.  I was so pleasantly surprised by the names he included without prompting:
* everything
* Gavin (his best friend)
* Dad
* Grandma
* Everett (a school buddy)
* Granny- this one got me a bit choked up.  I love that he thinks of her even though we don't see her often.
* Momma
* Daddyooooo/Papa (what he and I call my dad)

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