Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Half A Year

Oh, this boy!
It's no secret that I love him fiercely.
I mean big time!

Half years are hard with him.

A wise woman once told me that a child's half birthday often brings about tough emotional changes.  I've seen it happen annually since he was 18 months old (the worst by far), and I thought maybe we'd gotten away from 5.5 without it. 
I just showed up about a month late.

I still love him fiercely of course, but at those half-birthday marks I find myself having to love him more patiently, more deeply, more intentionally, more sincerely when he goes through these "growth spurts".  
He is learning and asserting his independence. Translation: He is disobedient.
He is learning and expanding his mind and his ideas.  Translation: He doubts and questions me.
He is learning to articulate his thoughts more clearly.  Translation:  He is argues.

And I know that God is growing him and moving in his heart.  And God is doing the same for me.  
Thanks be to God.

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