Thursday, March 12, 2015

Go Far

Berkley recently joined the Go Far running club at his school.  In theory it's intended for 3rd-5th graders, but the P.E. teacher allows for younger kids to run too as long as they have an adult present (more for crowd control/numbers than anything).  As we prepare for triathlon season, I knew this would be a good way for him to get his running in.
True to Berkley form, he was ecstatic for the first meeting and his energy could barely be contained. He started running with all the big kids and for a good 1/2 lap (1/8 mile) he was far ahead of all of them.  He clearly doesn't quite understand pacing himself yet.  
He slowed down and started running with the rest of the group.  Some sweet big kids spent time chatting with him while they were running- that definitely made his day.

Berkley ultimately hooked up with the kindest gentleman- a retired teacher who helps with the club.  Berk and Mr. Crump are now good running buddies.  And thankfully, Mr. Crump was able to convince Berkley to be a bit more methodical about his training.  
Hopefully all of this running will be good preparation for those triathlons coming up, but also it seems to be a great physical and social outlet for my energetic, extroverted boy!

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