Friday, February 06, 2015

Snow Tubing

Berkley had an early release day on a Friday afternoon, so we thought it'd be a good chance to take him on a surprise adventure.  Stephen took the afternoon off, we picked up Berkley at school, and we headed toward Boone to try snow-tubing! It was SO much fun, and an easy day trip to take from Greensboro.

We stopped for a break and Berkley still didn't know where we were heading!
Ready to hit the hills...
Hawksnest used to be a ski resort, and the owners wisely turned it into a snow tubing park.  There are four excellent sets of slides- each with 6-8 lanes.  We had a two hour block of time (4-6), and the weather could not have been more perfect.  
We loved being in the snow!
I couldn't resist these photos that the park photographers took.  The looks on mine and Berkley's faces are so great!
And Stephen just chillin'...
We wised up toward the end of our time and realized that when our tubes were together we went faster and further down the hill, and we laughed and screamed and smiled the whole way down!

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