Saturday, February 28, 2015

New Favorite

Y'all.  This movie.  I don't even know where to start.  
It's just. so. good.
When I returned from Boone, Stephen had gone to a bike race, and Berkley was in Wake Forest.  I had the entire Saturday night to myself, and much to my surprise, this movie was on my tv on demand!  I couldn't believe my luck!
I've owned this soundtrack for 10 years, but have never seen the show.  To see the movie (it's almost entirely music) made the music make so much more sense, and I literally sat frozen on my couch for the entire 1.5 hours.  I laughed and cried interchangeably through the entire thing.  Then I watched it again.  Twice more.
The last time I felt that moved by a movie's story and songs was with Dreamgirls (which I saw in the theatre 5 times).  If you love movie-musicals, this is a movie you can not miss!

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