Monday, February 16, 2015


I've been feeling really convicted lately, that I need to give Berkley more time and space to just be, and to explore without me right beside him.  I realized that this hole in our fence makes for a great pathway to the woods behind our house.  They don't go very far, but they go far enough to provide for some fun adventures.  
So, before the snow arrived, I sent him into the woods to explore.  His only instructions were that I needed to be able to see him from my kitchen window (since he is only 5 and doesn't have a sibling to go out with him).  
Although I didn't NEED to watch him the entire time, I did.  He couldn't see me looking, and I was just intrigued to see what he would do.  He found sticks, and climbed up fallen trees, and otherwise enjoyed himself until it got too cold to stay out much longer.
I'm definitely going to be much more intentional about sending him out like this as the weather warms. I want him to have some freedoms to learn and grow and experience life out in nature, and by himself like I did as a child.  We may not live out in the middle of nowhere like I did growing up, but I can give it my best shot!
The "gateway"
Climbing up the log...

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