Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ash Wednesday

Since we were snowed in for Ash Wednesday, I decided to have a little worship time of our own at the kitchen table.  

Berkley and I spent some time talking about our sins, and we wrote them on a piece of paper. Frankly, I was surprised how easily he was able to name his own sins (especially since this isn't the vocabulary we tend to focus on in our house).
We put our sins in a bowl.
I read Berkley some scripture about how Jesus came to take away the sins of the world. We talked about the idea that Christ forgives us of our sins, but that it's important to reflect on our mistakes and ask for and receive that forgiveness.
And then I set our sins on fire.  That was obviously Berkley's favorite part.
We watched the sins burn be taken away- forgotten and forgiven.
I didn't anticipate the amount of smoke- I had to hold the bowl outside for a minute or so!
We talked about how earth is temporary, but how God's kingdom is forever.  Then I poured a little oil in the bowl, and made a paste with the ashes.  We used that to make crosses on pieces of purple paper.
I then explained that on Ash Wednesday many people put crosses of ash on their forehands to remind themselves and everyone else they they are believers in Jesus, and that they are remembering and accepting forgiveness of their sins.  So, Berkley and I put crosses on each other's foreheads.  It was a holy moment indeed.
I am so glad I took the 15 minutes or so to put this together.  I know a lot about this is still over Berkley's head- and frankly, sometimes I feel like it's over my head...Christ's love and forgiveness, our temporal nature on earth, God's bigness.  It all feels incomprehensible sometimes.  But I sure am grateful- even for that which I don't understand.  And I'm grateful for the chance to pass this along to my sweet boy.

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