Thursday, December 05, 2013

Target Time

During the busy Advent season, I realized that I needed to take a few moments to be relatively calm and refrain from checking off my to-do list.  I had picked up a few things at Target, and Berkley asked if he could walk around the toy section for a little while.  My sweet boy still rides in a cart (cause he still fits!), so walking around any store is a big deal...let alone the toy aisles!  
In spite of my hesitation, and my desire to hurry up and finish my list, I said yes.
And I am oh so glad that I did.
The thrill it brought my child just to be eye-level with the toys was really endearing and sweet.
He didn't beg for anything.  He didn't go crazy.  He just calmly looked and smiled and enjoyed a special treat.
To him, it was just an opportunity to look at toys.  But for me, it was a few minutes to catch my breath, and be reminded that simply slowing down to let my son play was far more gratifying than zipping through my list.
I even sat down on the floor in the middle of the Christmas section and we played "puppets" with the wooden nutcrackers!  I'm sure we looked crazy, but it was a wonderful memory I'll keep, and I hope Berkley believes me to be the kind of momma who can take a few minutes to just be.
Finally, I let Berk press all of the music selections he wanted to on the shelf of Christmas music.  It was such a small act of permission from me that led to one very happy little boy!

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