Friday, December 06, 2013

Surprise Party!

For over a year, my dear friend Christina had talked about how she felt like her birthday was often forgotten.  It's at the beginning of December...right after Thanksgiving and around the beginning of Advent.  Folks are busy that time of year, and although we all typically try to celebrate her, the crowd for her birthday gatherings had admittedly been a bit small in recent years.
I decided over a year ago, that I was going to surprise Christina with the best birthday party ever for her 35th birthday this year!  So, in late October/early November I set the wheels in motion.  Her husband and I started plotting how to make the party happen- he would co-host & it would be at our house.
I decided the foods would be all of her favorite junk foods (of which there are many).  One day at lunch I literally quizzed her about her favorite snack foods without her ever knowing why I was asking.  When she got up to go to the restroom, I quickly typed the foods into my phone so I could remember them for later...
We decided Christina would believe she was coming to my house for our annual Christmas party.  I created literally ONE invitation that arrived at her home in early November.  She just assumed that everyone else got the same invite, while really the party guests received an evite!  I took a picture of the paper invitation before I mailed it...only to her.
  The week of the party, I thought for sure she had figured it out and was just playing along with me.   But the morning of the party, she was telling me she was going to wear jeans and I somehow convinced her that "everyone else is going to be a little more dressy".  It was a close call without spilling the beans. 
Jason & I were in contact all week- HER invitation said to arrive at 8pm and the evite asked everyone to be there by 7:30.  Unfortunately,  my "pay no attention to the details" friend was really giving us a run for our money...

Stephen, Cassidy & Todd helped me prep for the party the evening of the big event. I was SO excited and nervous.

Our friends Kendall & Gavin took Christina and Jason out before the party, and Kendall was my text message informant as everyone else gathered at our house.  I was a wreck the entire time...checking my clock, my phone and just pacing waiting for the big moment to arrive!

She arrived at the party and still had no idea what was going on.  She opened the door and we all yelled "Surprise!"  But it took a LONG time for her to fully comprehend the party was for her.  She kept walking around asking EVERYone, "Did you know about this?  Did YOU know about this?"  Apparently she thought it was still my Christmas party and that we were just wishing her happy birthday.  Eventually she realized that with her family there and some other friends of hers present, that the party was indeed all about her!

We had such an incredible night with dear friends and truly relished in celebrating how much we love Christina!

Folks stayed LATE into the night- I even changed into my comfy clothes at one point in the evening!!
What a blessing it is to have this girl in my life, and it was SO much fun to throw such a fun surprise party for her!!!  She is so well-loved because she loves everyone so well.  May she never feel like her birthday is forgotten again! 

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