Friday, January 10, 2014


One day at preschool I got a flyer asking for volunteers for a research project called STAR at nearby UNC-G.  It looked interesting and easy enough, so one Friday morning I took Berkley to campus to go through a series of tests that would assess something regarding development & kindergarten readiness.  They assessed him for several hours, will do the same next year, and then again in first grade.
I got to watch the entire thing from another room on a computer screen.  It was absolutely fascinating.  I took a book to read to pass the time while there, but never looked away from the screen, because it was so interesting!
Some parts of the assessment were pretty straight forward...he played simple games or answered specific questions.  But a few activities were interesting, but I have no idea what they were actually assessing!!  At one point they even put a crazy looking cap on his head that measured brain waves and heart rate and all kinds of physical things!
It will be interesting to watch this process over the next two years and see how he grows and hopefully learn one day what THEY have learned about preschoolers and kindergarteners.

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