Saturday, July 10, 2010

Who Is This Girl?

I just ran a mile for the second time this week.
I thought the first time a few weeks ago was just a fluke.  Then, I went Thursday & assumed the same thing.
Now I'm wondering, "Is it a miracle?"

No lie- I was running around the indoor track and started thinking, "Maybe I read the sign wrong.  Maybe 8 laps equals 1/2 mile, not a whole mile!"  
But, it does.

And I did it- twice this week!
And I'm excited to try it again.
Who have I become!?!

Oh- and I went to a yoga class this morning immediately following my mile. My body could not feel more wonderful now.  Have I ever mentioned how much I love yoga?! 

I'm still not getting my hopes up about becoming a "runner", but I sure am a lot more encouraged by my body's obedience & health these days!

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Courtney said...

yay! that's awesome!