Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wedding in Sioux Falls

My friend Gretchen is from Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  She and I met while she was attending Divinity School here at WFU.  A mutual friend suggested, that in addition to our mutual love for liturgical dance, we also look quite similar (turns out that I actually look a lot like her sister).
Our friendship has grown over the last several years as we've shared a love for dance and holistic spirituality.  After dating for several years, Gretchen & her then-fiance, Ed, asked if I would perform their South Dakota!
So, this past Friday I flew up to Sioux Falls for the events.  My luggage did not make it to SD when I did, but Gretchen had a dress I could wear for the rehearsal, and late that night, my luggage was brought to me.  The wedding was absolutely one of the most worshipful, creative weddings I've seen or been part of.  Gretchen did an incredible job designing the ceremony & she and I were able to collaborate on some of the liturgy.  We have a similar understanding of worship, so I think I was able to help the service be exactly what she wanted.
After a lovely ceremony, we enjoyed a great reception, but many of the bridal party (including me) left their bags (with wallets & cameras) in a car at the church, so I didn't have my camera available for pictures.  Fortunately, my friend Blythe did, so I've "stolen" some of her photos to post with the few I did take.
I got back on a plane to come home early Sunday morning, but it was truly a beautiful weekend spent honoring a good friend.
The rehearsal
Explaining to the large bridal party that if they are quiet & listen to me, things will go much more quickly.  We were there a long time.
With Tammy- a sweet, sweet woman and another minister here in Winston-Salem
Winston-Salem friends, Tammy, Gretchen & Blythe
Finding out that my luggage had arrived (while wearing Gretchen's dress)
Gretchen talking to her mom while her sister Margaret helped her get in her dress
The happy couple
The gals who were able to get together for Gretchen's bachelorette beach weekend back in May

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