Friday, July 23, 2010


We are moving out of our house in two days- Sunday.  It officially closes on Wednesday, but we've got folks helping us pack this weekend, so we're hoping to have everything in the Pack Rat by Sunday evening.  Then, Berkley & I will head to Wake Forest for a week or so, while Stephen stays with our good friends Rob & Turner so that he can remain close to work.  
In theory, we get to move in to our new house on August 1.  Although it will not be closing until later in August/September, we are going to be renting it until then.  I'm thinking we'll probably move in closer to August 3 (Berkley's 1st birthday- gasp!). 
So, we are currently surrounded by boxes & a messy house, and I have decided that I just  need to be satisfied with living in this kind of state for at least the next month.  It's a wonderful process- just a tedious and rather slow one.  But, we have been blessed to sell our house here, and to find a great house in Greensboro for an incredible deal.

I am getting a little sentimental about leaving our house here in Winston-Salem.  It's the first real house Stephen and I have owned together (we lived in a rented townhouse in Knoxville).  It is where my sweet baby boy was brought home after his birth.  It has been a good house to us.  
There is a country song from my high school days with the lyrics,
"Love grows best in little houses
With few walls to separate
Eat and sleep so close together
You can't help but communicate."
I have thought of this song so often (and shed several tears) as we've prepared for this move.  We have lived in this little bungalow for four incredibly important years, and sometimes we have been forced to communicate with each other due to the lack of "places to go" within our home.  
And it has been an incredible blessing.  
I do believe our love has grown due to this little house.  
And there's a part of me that is a bit afraid of all of the space we're going to have in our new home. 
But, it is time to move on, and I know we'll adjust quite well to all of that space!

When we moved into this house (which was built c. 1930), we were told that we were only the 3rd family to live here.  So, I feel like we've had a responsibility to this house- to honor it and live in it well.  We've done that, and I'm thrilled for the young couple moving in to do the same.  He's going to be a med. student & this is their first home...perfect.
Since I'm a complete emotional, sentimental kind of gal, I thought I should leave the house with a history book of sorts.  So, I made a scrapbook of this house.
First I included information about this house from the National Register of Historic Places,
Then I wrote what I know about the owner before us & included photos I took of the house when she still had it on the market.  
 Then, I included info about our family and photos of the house while we lived here.  
I hope to leave this book with the new owners, and I hope they will pass it on to whomever follows them.
This home has been such a blessing to us- and I just know it was to the two previous families.  My prayer is that it continues to be a wonderful "little house" that encourages love to grow.


Turner Aycock said...

how cute are you?! I love it!

Katie Bray said...

I love that you made this book. It makes me think of the show "If Walls Could Talk?"

heanguy said...

Hey bud, this is awesome. It was a great house and a great home. But remember, the house doesn't make the home. Can't wait to visit your new home.