Wednesday, July 07, 2010

House Hunting

It looks like things are progressing nicely with the sale of our home.  We are supposed to close on July 28, and so far everything is on track.  As long as the buyers' loan appraiser thinks our house is worth what we're asking, we'll be good to go.  And hopefully we'll know the answer to that sometime late next week.
With that said, I've been doing some serious house-hunting this past weekend.  We've got to figure out somewhere to live next month!  So, our real-estate agent & friend, Erin spent the entire long weekend (all 4 days) taking me to look at nearly every house for sale in our price range in Greensboro.  I think we saw 17 houses on Friday, 10 on Saturday, 4 on Sunday and 8 on Monday.  
The first two days, I went with Erin by myself.  I saw the bulk of the homes and whittled that list down to 4 that I showed Stephen (and my mom & Berkley) on Sunday.  They were great homes- all very different- and Stephen quickly chose my personal favorite as the "keeper" from that list.  Then Monday he went with me to see 8 new homes, and we chose 2 "keepers" from that list.
Now we have narrowed our choices down to 2 homes.  Stephen is going back to look at both of them this afternoon (I've already seen both of them twice).  And truthfully, I have no idea which one we will pick.  Financially, there isn't a ton of difference, but there is a little bit.  The interiors of the homes are both very nice & plenty big for us.  The exteriors are vastly different; as are the yards. 
We do know that one home has a family that is very motivated to sell since they have already bought their new home.  That leads us to think we might have a little more negotiating power there, and we might be able to move in quickly.  But- who knows?!
Hopefully, we'll make a decision in the next day or two (I feel like I've been saying that for the last week) & get the ball rolling, so we can move in soon after our own house closes.


Kirby 1960 said...

What?? No Irving Park??? (j/k) They are both nice.

Mama Llama said...

hmmm.. house # 1-- jamesford meadows? Is there a curtain dividing the hallway and LR? on a culdesac?? totally looks like my friends house. No joke. But... there are some duplicates in architecture there. But how weird if that is her house! HA!

Karamella said...

Hmmm... loving the brick facade with the garage with the side entrance :-) But they are both beautiful!