Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I believe that as I write this, our dear Maplewood Avenue home is being transferred to its new owners.  I am thrilled for the couple that gets to enjoy that home (and realistically, also "gets to" put up with the trials and tribulations that accompany a home that's 80 years old).  I pray that it's such a blessing to them in this season of their lives.
As planned, we moved out all of our things on Sunday.  With the help of both sets of Stephen's parents and a couple of hired guys, everything got packed into a couple of Pack Rats (We had to get another one on Monday morning & filled it to the brim.).  Of course, I cried as Berkley & I got in the car to head to Wake Forest, but the tears didn't last too long!
Berkley and I have been in Wake Forest since Sunday evening, and we're not entirely sure how long we'll be here.  
We are officially homeless.
Since the house we're buying in Greensboro is in short sale, that complicates matters significantly and just takes a really long time.  So, things are a bit up in the air as to a) when we'll be moving in and b) when we will actually close.  There's potential for us to rent the home until closing ,but we just don't know specific details yet.  
In the meantime, we are homeless.  I am so grateful to have a place to stay at Stephen's mom's house.  We are very comfortable here and in addition to spending time with family, I get to see lots of folks I grew up with.  It's a wonderful arrangement.  
However, Stephen is staying with our friends in High Point so that he can be close to work.  He'll come here for the weekend, but this living apart business is only going to work for so long.  
For now, we will enjoy our homelessness and treat it as a vacation of sorts.  
And despite the fact that we down own a home right now, we have plenty of folks who are willing to let us call their home "ours" for the time being. 
I am incredibly grateful.

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Turner Aycock said...

we love having uncle stephen! I know he misses y'all so much though!!