Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Woo hoo!  Our house appraised and we are actually moving!  
The appraiser came to our house yesterday, and this afternoon we got the news that it did, in fact, appraise near or above our asking price!  (We aren't allowed to know the exact appraisal...weird, I know.)
We were getting a little bit anxious about this, because we've heard that in this housing market, appraisals have been much more strict, and houses have been missing the mark more often than they once did.  We only have so much money with which we can negotiate, so we knew this could make or break the sale of our house.
So, we're now in full packing mode & the plan is to be out of the house this Sunday evening.  Our house closes a week from today (Wednesday), but we will need our moving help over the weekend and decided it will just be easier to be out of the house a couple of days before the official closing.
Now....with all of that set, we're still not 100% sure about our new house.  We should find out more later today, but essentially we are waiting for a bank to approve our offer and let us know what our closing date will be.  We are expecting to be "homeless" for at least a week, but it could be a month or more.  I'm really hoping we'll know specifics tomorrow.  
Until then, we'll keep packing & praying that everything works out the way it is intended.  I'm trying to busy myself with packing and organizing so that I don't get sad about moving.  I have loved this house so much, and will miss it for so many reasons.  However, it is time for us to move on, and I'm even more excited about all that lies ahead for us in a new city, in a new home. 
Hopefully, I'll have more news later today!

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