Wednesday, July 21, 2010


When we bought this house 4 years ago, we knew that it didn't have central air conditioning installed.  It had a furnace that was ridiculously huge & it kept the house incredibly warm.  But, we had window units in both bedrooms, the dining room & the kitchen.  When we moved in, we assumed we'd install AC immediately, but we quickly realized how cool our house was going to be, and just how cheap our electric bills would be.  So, we put it off and were quite happy without it.
Until we put our house on the market.
Who wants to buy a house in NC without AC?  Of course, that was the major complaint we got from people who liked everything else about our house.  Long story short, we agreed to give an AC allowance to the folks who have decided to buy our home.  However, upon inspection, it seems our furnace isn't working quite so well anymore, and it worked out better for all of us, for us to go ahead and install an entirely new HVAC system before the new owners move in.
So, last Friday the system was installed, and we said goodbye to our window units; it's consistently cool throughout our house, and it's less noisy now too.  However, our window units were good to us- they kept us very cool and they lulled Berkly to sleep like a noise machine.  
We are now enjoying the new HVAC for the rest of this week, and then we'll be moving out.  It's a little bit strange to have it installed now, and we won't even get to benefit from using it!  At least the new owners will enjoy having central air (but I'm not sure their power bills will be as low as ours once were!).

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