Saturday, June 12, 2010

Working Woman

This past weekend, I had the privilege of traveling to Wingate University to train the Bible study leaders who are working for Passport this summer.  Passport is so close to my heart and I am always thrilled to work with/for them.  They provide such a quality camp/missions experience for youth, and I can't say enough wonderful things about the company as a whole.
College and seminary students (and some graduates) essentially make the camp run each summer because Passport believes in empowering those young adults to discover their own calling (be it vocational ministry or not) through working at camp.  So, I spent all day Saturday and Sunday training 11 or so Bible Study Leaders (BSL's) who are about to embark on a summer of teaching and guiding youth. 
Essentially, I was given the Bible studies they will be teaching this summer, and I was instructed to lead them through the Bible studies to both model what good teaching is like, and to help empower and encourage them in what they are about to do.  I also encouraged the leaders to use our time together to grow and learn themselves.  I think all too often, as teachers, we focus on what's coming next/saying the right thing/making sure our students "get it", and we sacrifice our own personal growth and miss out on what God's trying to teach us through the lesson. 
The BSLs were all fantastic.  They were a confident bunch, and really seemed to grasp the meat of the lessons.  If I were taking students to camp this summer, I'd be thrilled for them to have any of these fine young people as their leaders.
And of course, training BSLs was an incredible blessing to me.  I got the chance to do what I love & what I'm gifted to do...teach God's Word.  It was a re-affirming weekend for me...being reminded of my own calling, and of the gifts God has given me.  It was fun to "work" for a couple of days- knowing that my work there would empower the BSLs to share the love and grace of God with youth all summer long.

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