Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Dash Again

This past Friday I received a phone call from The Dash (our local minor league baseball team), saying that their National Anthem singer for Tuesday had bailed.  The guy said that I had done well when I sang last time, and they'd like for me to fill in for the missing singer.  So, last night we lined up a babysitter (Thanks, Laura!) and headed out to the ballgame.
Our friends Rob & Turner joined us at the game to provide a little support.  
 And, as I stepped out onto the field I heard a large group of people yelling my name.  I couldn't imagine who it would be, so I stared at their section (which was just to the left of where I was standing) as I prepared to sing.  Folks were waving at me and calling my name and I just couldn't figure out who they were. 
Finally- right before I walked to my spot to sing, I figured out who I was looking at....the youth group from my home church!  Yep!  They are here in Winston-Salem for their summer mission trip and just happened to be at the game last night.  It was such a wonderful surprise to see them!  Our former youth minister,  Dick was leading the group & during the game we were able to spend a little bit of time with him and the rest of the group.
I sang the Anthem (with this cold I've been battling, it wasn't my best effort, but it was tolerable), had fun chatting with my friends, and enjoyed seeing folks from our home church.  
 Stephen also got roped into playing one of the between-innings-games.  He had to eat 6 saltine crackers in 60 seconds...which he did with some pretty blatant and entertaining "cheating" (somehow he managed to get crackers on my friend Sarah, who was running the game).  
We really had a great night at The Dash!

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