Tuesday, May 04, 2010

No Phone Zone

In recent months Oprah has created the No Phone Zone Pledge.  
Essentially, she is trying to get folks to realize the dangers of using the phone while driving.  Ideally, no one would talk on the phone while driving, but not texting is perhaps the biggest danger that the pledge is addressing.
At first, I was a little bit annoyed because she was talking so much about  not talking on the phone when you're in the car, and she was having all of these celebrities come on her show and sign the pledge saying they wouldn't talk on the phone in the car.  And all I kept thinking was, "Hmph.  Well, of course they're signing it!  They don't drive anywhere themselves anyway!  You think Oprah hops in her car every morning to drive to her studio?  I don't think so."  
But, it was the stories about real people that got me.  People whose lives were ended, or significantly altered all because someone was texting while driving.  Everyone thinks that "they" can drive and use the phone at the same time, but obviously we can't all be so great at it if thousands of people are dying each year due to accidents caused by phone usage.
I've been thinking about all of this over the last month or so.  I have a hands-free system in my car and absolutely love it.  It is so nice to press on a button my steering wheel to make a call and just talk out into the open car as if the person were right there.  It's probably still not as safe as not talking on the phone at all, but it's a step for me.  Now, when I see people on a regular phone in their cars, I shudder thinking about how distracting it is, simply to hold the phone while driving.  It's a small distraction, but it's a distraction, nonetheless.
North Carolina passed a law prohibiting texting while driving, but I must admit this has been a difficult one for me.  It absolutely makes sense not to text while driving.  It makes no sense that any text would be important enough to risk someone's life (mine or others') while I'm behind the wheel.  And, I rarely text while driving, but I have been known to do it.
But, as of today I'm gonna stop all together.
It breaks my heart to imagine that me texting while driving could cause harm to me or to others on the road, but I also can't imagine causing harm to my sweet little boy sitting in the backseat.  I know that I can't drive & text.  I'm not that skilled (who is?).  Nothing is worth the pain that a split second swerve or veer could cause.
Not only is it illegal, but I can't risk my life or someone else's life simply because I want to text someone.  If it's that important, I commit to pulling over before I start pushing those buttons.  Although I am not a fan of Oprah's "bandwagon" movements, I have been convinced that texting in my car is just not worth it.

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heanguy said...

Just last week, a 16 year old girl in Asheville died. Police attribute it to a combination of speed and distraction caused by texting.