Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was such a special day in the Willis house.

Stephen & Berkley started the day off with a few cards & gifts (again- some cards that Berkley "wrote" on).  I basically spent that entire 15 minutes or so crying while I read cards & was reminded of how much my husband (and my son) loves me & that he thinks I'm doing an okay job at this "motherhood thing".

Berkley helping me open my gift (notice the crying face)
Stephen went over to Elon the other day & got these cute clothes for me

And he also picked out this super-fun dress for me!  One of the cards instructed me to go to my closet, and there I found this gift.  

We had invited all of our moms (and Terry's mom & my aunt, Ziza) to our house for lunch, so Stephen gave me the option of hanging out with Berkley during the morning, or doing the cooking.  I was thrilled to have the choice to cook some fun dishes that I don't usually have the time or energy to make.  Stephen had started cooking at pork shoulder at about 4am, and I added carrot souffle, lemon risotto, asparagus & blueberry/banana pie to the menu.  Lunch was a big hit!
All of our moms opening gifts & cards
 It was so great to spend the day with my own mom.  She is such an incredible lady!

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Karamella said...

What a CUTE dress :-) I love how SW buys you clothes! C would never ;-) But that's okay too because we both know how much I LOVE to shop!!!
P.S. You are a fabulous momma!!!