Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Great Snack

When I was a little girl, my mom would often give me dried fruit (fruit leather, roll-ups, etc.) as a snack- partially because I didn't like the texture of most "real" fruit.  This was back in the early 80's when Fruit Roll-Ups were made with real fruit & they had actual fruit flavors (I remember apple and apricot specifically) and not flavors like "blue" and "fruit punch". 
I have often mourned the loss of real fruit in Fruit Roll-Ups- until I recently discovered this fun snack.
I've been buying these fruit strips for about a year now- in grape and strawberry flavors.  And I recently discovered my favorite flavor- apple- is also being sold.  I could not be more thrilled about this tasty, low-calorie, good-for-you snack.  I am also way more excited about feeding this to Berkley (he already seems to enjoy the small bites he has had) than a blue Fruit Roll-Up!

Thank you so much, Stretch Island Fruit Co. for taking me back to my childhood & making a snack that is yummy & healthy!


Mama Llama said...

A friend had Natural Fruit Roll Ups MADE BY Fruit Roll Up called Simply Fruit. I think she foudn them at Earthfare or Freshmarket. I haven't seen them at the Harris Teeter though.


Olivia said...

I found the Simply Fruit ones at Costco.

I love Fruitabu -- organic!

Target also makes an organic fruit leather that is good, reasonably priced, and in a lot of flavors.

alannajoy said...

I love these! i used to buy them at Ukrop's but since Ukrop's died I haven't had them around. I need to investigate where to find them here!