Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pine Straw

In order to make our yard more presentable for the open house we had this past Sunday, I spent a good portion of Friday spreading out 20 bales of pine straw in our yard.  As I did so, I got to thinking about how normal it seemed to be doing such a chore.  I remember watching my parents do this when I was growing up, and we've done it nearly every spring since we've owned a home.  And I know we are not alone in this yard-maintenance ritual.
However, several years ago, our good friends Amy & Ryan (she & I were in seminary together) came down for a visit from Ohio.  They remarked on the amount of pine straw they saw out in folks' yards & other public places.  I believe they found it a little bizarre that we would cover our "natural areas" with such a thing.  (I think mulch is a little more popular up there.) 
So, as I spread pine straw I started wondering if the folks who look at our house will also think it's bizarre!  Hopefully it won't be a deterrant if they're not used to seeing such a crazy thing!

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