Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Memories of Nanna

My mom & aunt have been diligently going through my Nanna's house to sort through what needs to given to various family members, what needs to be donated & what simply needs to be thrown away (including a closet full of every gift bag and birthday card she ever received).
My mom sent me several things including two of my favorites...

A pin with my Nanna's initials engraved
The book of the Mills family tree.  I believe this book came out when I was a young teenager & it tracks our family back to a village in England until the mid-1980's.  As I've been reading through it, I've found there are a ton of ministers in my family line...makes a girl wonder if my vocational call is genetic!  It's such a blessing to have such a detailed record of my family history.

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stargirl8148 said...

That books is awesome! Both my grandmothers recently died and we have been trying to go through there stuff as well. I have been doing some family research and have found great great great grandfather's that were in the Civil War and the line continues back to Ireland in 1519!