Monday, April 05, 2010

New Book

I just received this book in the mail & am thrilled to start reading it!

A friend from seminary recommended I read it, so I ordered it online a few weeks ago.  As a side note- the subtitle in the picture is different from the book I received.  Mine says, "A Personal & Environmental Argument for Single-Child Families".
Although Stephen & I have already decided that we'll only be having one child, I feel like I need a better way to articulate why we've made that choice.  
We seem to have the words to share with each other, but when friends & family (and strangers) ask about, I sometimes find myself getting tongue-tied...trying not to express any kind of judgment while being sure of my own convictions at the same time.  
This is one issue that has a VERY fine line.
So, perhaps this book will give me new words to use to accurately explain this decision we've made.  Maybe it will simply be a word of encouragement to me.  
Regardless...I'm excited, and I'll let you know how it goes!

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Lauren said...

Have you finished this book? I would love to hear what it says next time we get together...