Thursday, April 08, 2010

My Eco

I've been pretty good about using reusable bags when I shop now; I use the cheap kind you get at the grocery store, but there are few drawbacks to those: 
* They are relatively small- meaning you need more bags with you at a time
* Carrying 6 or 7 bags with me into the store (and remembering to put them back in the car after unloading) gets a little tedious (especially when you're also carrying an 8 month old!).
* They are hard to clean if you get any kind of spill or residue on them.
* They are not that well made & can only hold so many groceries before feeling too heavy or unsturdy.

My friend Marc works for the company that creates this wonderful reusable grocery bag system-My Eco . The company was started by the daughter of the man who invented the plastic grocery bag!  She's seen how those bags revolutionized grocery shopping, but also how they have adversely affected the environment.  So, she's doing her part to produce & sell sustainable grocery bags.  After considering the above pitfalls of the bags I already had, I ordered mine last week, received it in the mail yesterday, and promptly tried it out the same afternoon.  

I loved it!

Essentially, you receive four bags that fold into each other & fit perfectly into your shopping cart. 
Each bag is labeled & designed specifically for a group of items.  As you shop, you put items in their designated bag.  Once you arrive at the checkout, the cashier only has to lift each item out of the bag, scan it & place it back in the bag.  The bags fit perfectly in the trunk & are so sturdy & easy to carry in to the house.  Once you're ready to unload the groceries, they are all with like items making it easy to put them away.

Here's what it looks like:

The bags fold into themselves, zip up & make this convenient, easy-to-carry case
At the grocery store, you simply unfold them, load them into the cart & put items into their designated bags.  When I checked out, the cashier simply pulled out each item, scanned it, & put it back in the bag.  She remarked that she'd never seen anyone shop this way before, but that it was so smart & it actually made her job easier too!
The bags have labels of 4 types of foods/goods.
The glass, jars & bottles bag has fabric bands that keep bottles & jars in place & upright.
The chilled, cool & frozen bag is insulated & has a zipper top.  I easily fit 2 gallons of milk plus other cold items in the bag & didn't have a problem carrying it because the straps are so sturdy.
These are the two biggest bags.
The groceries & dry good bag fits just about anything from pasta to potato chips to toilet paper.  I had a lot in this particular bag yesterday & still had plenty of room left for more.
The produce, fruits & vegetables bag has an antibacterial liner that makes it easy to clean.
The bags fold into each other & zip up.  The outside is actually the bottom of the groceries & dry goods bag.
 The tote is actually smaller than my pocket book & so simple to remember to carry back to the car & into the store again next time!
I may happen to know someone who works for this company, but that's simply how I found out about this awesome product.  I didn't get it for free, nor was I particularly prodded to buy one.  In fact, I was a little bit skeptical at the beginning.   You can see that all skepticism has been erased.
Once I find something I love, I like to share with anyone who will listen & I hope everyone can enjoy it as much as I do. So, check out My Eco & let me know if you purchase this bag system & then let me know how much you love it like I do!


Karamella said...

Loving it :-) I will check it out. I have gotten pretty good at remembering my green bags ;-) Just need to get C to remember them next time he goes to the store for me :-)

Karamella said...

... and what a great gift! My sister-in-law and Shelley would love it! I only wonder if they would be organized enough to use it ;-)

Mama Llama said...

interesting. I know my harris teeter reusable bags hold a lot more than disposable. But I am not sure 4 bags would be enough for my herd of 5!

But... did you know that Washington DC just issued a bag tax? .05 on every bag you use! Even lunch places like panera.

Needless to say I am stocking up on reusable bags. this might be a good system to have!

Courtney said...

Kara...I actually thought about telling Shelley about this..she would love it
Carrie...YOu'd be surprised how much fits in these bags. They are large bags & you can fit a lot & still carry them comfortably. I'd heard about the bag tax. I've also noticed around here that several stores (including Target) give you a very small amount (3 or 5 cents) off if you bring your own bag.

Ron said...
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