Monday, April 05, 2010

Family Picture

This is as good as our family Easter picture got!  
The only way I could get Berkley to face the camera was to stand sideways.  
Oh well!  
There's always next year, right?!


Karamella said...

... and the year after that, and the year after that ;-) The beauty of family! I love you friend! You have a beautiful family (yes, you too stephen!) I look forward to hopefully seeing more of y'all when you move to G'boro :-)

julie said...

Hey, I think it's a great picture! At least you got all three of you - faces forward - in it! We went over to WFU and took some photos on Sunday, but we didn't get any with all of us. Not that there weren't plenty of people enjoying the sunshine on the Quad that we could have asked for help, but I didn't figure Donovan would cooperate with a stranger holding a camera any more than he would me & Joe! :P