Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I'd like to start off this post with a confession:

My name is Courtney.  
I am addicted to canvas bags.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about My Eco resuable grocery bags.  In that post, I compared the size of those bags to the size of my "pocketbook".  I got a funny e-mail from my dear friend, Kara commenting on the fact that I called that brown canvas bag a pocketbook.  She knows me so well & she knows that every "pocketbook" I have is actually a canvas bag (although I did recently purchase a metallic colored clutch that I have used twice!).  
 I don't actually carry a purse of any kind.  I carry bags.  It's a step up from the bookbag that used to be attached to my back.  I finally decided it was a little more lady-like to carry some kind of bag.  

I just love a canvas bag.  I can't even count the number of Land's End/L.L. Bean type canvas bags I own in all sizes & colors.  And when I feel like it's time for a new pocketbook, my eye immediately gravitates toward canvas.  I just can't help it.  Here is a small sampling of the canvas bags I own...
As if my addiction needed to be fed further, I recently found out about the Buckhead Betties warehouse sale that happens twice a year in Greensboro.  It is essentially an entire warehouse filled with different canvas/monogrammable bags and they are insanely cheap...$5-$10 a bag!    These bags are usually sold at cute boutique stores for much more than that!
So, Monday morning I ventured to this sale & met Carrie there.  She had been the sale before, and adequately warned me that there was a lot to see & that we might need to make one lap around the building to just see everything & then a second (or third, or fourth) lap to decide what to purchase.  She also recommended thinking of all the ladies/children I might need to buy gifts for in the coming months.  So, armed with her advice, I made my way in canvas bag heaven.
Oh, how I wish I had taken pictures of the inside.  The place was packed with adorable bags...some already monogrammed with initials, others waiting for just the right name to be monogrammed, and still others that were so cute that no monogram is needed!
I bought several gifts that day, and tried to restrain myself when it came to bags I intended to keep.  And here is the result...
I got one bag for $12, one for $13, and all the rest were $5!!!  It was a sale too great pass up!  

So, if you're the recipient of one of these bags in the future, pretend like you don't know how cheap it was & know that you helped satisfy my canvas bag cravings!


Sweet Peaches said...

I LOVE this sale!!! Let me know if you'd like any of them monogrammed! :) Amy

Karamella said...

Only twice a year???!!! I would LOVE to go next time! I am liking the blk and white, and the pink and white, and the orange and white! Fun times! I will have to look it up and put it on my calendar!

Karamella said...

They carry the bags in Lily Mae's at the Factory :-) yeah... not $5 and $10!