Wednesday, April 28, 2010


This past weekend was spent in Atlanta, celebrating Catherine & Paul's wedding.  Catherine is one of the girls I grew up going to the beach with every summer (and we still do).  Our moms have been best friends since first grade, and the whole (well, most of) beach gang made it down to ATL for the wedding.  
I took Berkley to Wake Forest on Thursday so his grandparents could keep him while Stephen & I made the drive to Georgia.  Friday, we had an uneventful drive down and enjoyed each other's company for several hours.  We checked into our hotel & after a much-needed nap, I headed to the church for the rehearsal.  I sang two songs in Catherine's wedding & had a wonderful pianist to work with.  That evening we were treated to a fabulous dinner out with my mom & a few of her friends, then we all went to a "Champagne & Dessert Party" that followed Catherine & Paul's rehearsal dinner.

Paul & Catherine
My mom & her dear friend, Kaye
Pausing during the walk from the party back to our hotel
Saturday, the weather was not so nice, so since our idea to visit Stone Mountain was out of the question, we simply enjoyed the day & relaxed together.  We did a little bookstore browsing, we played pool in the hotel club room, and enjoyed a delicious hot dog lunch at The Varsity just down the street.

Stephen with Ken, Kaye &  Angie
My mom with Kim, Steve & Abbegayle
 The wedding was absolutely beautiful & I was so honored to be part of such a special ceremony.  The pastor (a fellow Princeton grad) delivered a wonderful homily about marriage, and Paul's sisters shared a reading from the Buddhist tradition (Paul's family is Thai) that was so meaningful & very much reminded me of the Beatitudes.  

Enjoying cocktail hour following the wedding ceremony
 With Kim- the mother of the bride from the New Orleans wedding we attended last month.
This picture's a little blurry, but I still love it- Stephen & Will
Richards & Jennifer
The reception was such fun!  Catherine & Paul are quite the fun couple & their reception was a perfect reflection of that.  The band (Papa Sol) was one of the best wedding bands I've heard (and I've heard a bunch!) and we all had a wonderful evening dancing & celebrating.

Catherine & Paul (I couldn't fix the light on Catherine's eyes)
Catherine dancing with Hosea- her "little brother" from Big Brothers/Big Sisters.  We were all smitten with him!
 On Saturday evening, Stephen had to fly to Las Vegas for a conference.  So, he got in a cab around 8pm, and I continued to dance away with the evening before enjoying a hotel room all to myself!  What a treat!

The fun dress I just got for my birthday
 Sunday morning I had breakfast with my freshman year roommate, Jena (She recommended Moms On Call to me, for all of you who follow my "Berkley blog".).  I am so annoyed that I forgot to take any pictures of our time together.  While we haven't seen each other in many years, she is such a special friend & we caught up & laughed just as if we see each other all the time (Aren't friends like that the best?!).
After a little bit of a fuss trying to find my phone (turns out it was stuck in between my suitcases in the trunk of the car), I headed toward Wake Forest to get Berkley & stay for a couple of days.  As I drove through SC, I thought it would be fun to take a little detour & surprise my dad & grandparents with a very quick visit.  So, I went about 30 minutes out of the way to say hi, give some hugs & get back on the road.  I'm so glad I stopped (again- no pictures).
It was a long drive by myself- okay, it's not that long, but I haven't driven that far by myself in quite some time.  Regardless, I was excited to get back to Wake Forest & see Berkley, but what a fun trip it was!


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