Sunday, March 14, 2010

You'll Love David's Bridal...Or Not

This coming weekend we are headed to New Orleans for a wedding.  The wedding is at 6pm, making it a true evening wedding and all you Emily Post followers out there know, that requires tuxedos and evening gowns and such.  So, guess who owns no such dress (at least not in my current size)?!  Yep- that would be me.  And guess who doesn't have the money to fork over for a long, fancy dress in a size that I fully intend to wear for only 5 more months of my life?  Again- I would be the one.
So, after searching Steinmart and Macy's and several other stores, I knew what I had to do.
I needed to take a trip to David's Bridal.

Since trying on dresses with a baby in tow is not my idea of fun, I needed to wait until the weekend when Stephen could keep Berkley while I went.  This meant I was going to David's Bridal...on a Saturday...with everyone else from the 4 counties nearby.
The dresses were stuffed onto several racks.
The place was packed. 
There were women looking for wedding gowns & teenage girls looking for prom dresses. 
And each of them had 6 people with them...The mom, the sister, the best friend, the boyfriend or fiance, the kid (or two), and the girl who wants to be her friend but really isn't.
I was overwhelmed, but I was on a mission.
One of the girls who worked there instructed me that the dresses run small, so I should get a dress 2 sizes bigger than I normally wear.  
Way to make a girl feel good about herself.
So, I grabbed 8 or 10 dresses in a variety of sizes ('cause I'm not entirely sure what size I wear these days anyway), and got in line to wait for a dressing room.
20 minutes later, Brent (the only male working there) called my name, I got a dressing room, and quickly rushed in & out.  And all the while, Brent is asking me if I need any undergarments to try on under the dresses. thanks, Brent....I'm good.
I'm pretty sure I made a world record for trying on, assessing, and choosing one dress out of 8 or 10.  
I couldn't have gotten out of their quickly enough.

The good news is, I did get in and out relatively quickly, I got a dress I like that is fairly flattering, and the dress was on sale.  Mission accomplished.

Oh, and for the record, I almost titled this post, "Kill Me Now" 'cause that's the phrase that kept going through my head the entire time I was there.


Kathryn said...

This is why I nearly cried when my mom forced me to (finally) go look at wedding gowns. I had her pick 10 and bring them to me, and I left an hour later with the one that worked. If got an unbelievable deal on a designer gown. But, that place is torture in and of itself.

Laurie Cutler said...

Yeah I was never really a fan of David's Bridal - until I found my wedding dress, which I happen to think was beautiful, for only $99.00! Gotta love that!

Mama Llama said...

hilarious! I have a whole stack of old Bridesmaids dresses to donate to one of those places that does prom dresses for free for girls in need. But thye are all size 4.... a size I will NEVER see again in my life. HA! That whole "you'll wear this again garb" is a load of baloney!

Have a fun time!

Mama Llama said...

and i can't believe Laurie got her dress for $99. I have seen those deals on TV but always thought they were probably the worst dresses, or ripped or stained.