Friday, March 05, 2010

The Rumors Are True

We are moving. 
Now, before you get all up in arms; calm down.
We are moving to Greensboro- 30 minutes away.

Stephen has been working in Greensboro since we moved here for my job 4 years ago.  He has been such a trooper to make that commute (45 minutes door to door) a couple of times a day.  
The commute wasn't such a big deal...
...until we had Berkley.

Now, he's missing nearly an hour in the morning & in the afternoon when we could be together as a family.  
I'm staying at home now, so I don't have a job keeping us here anymore.
It just makes sense to move.

We decided to do this almost immediately after Berkley was born.
I love Winston-Salem, and it was a really, really tough decision for me to wrap my head around.
But at the end of the day, it's the right decision for us.

7 months after making that initial decision, we are getting down to it.
We wanted to wait until the spring to put our house on the market, and the time has come.
In addition we live near the medical school and have a house that we hope will be desirable to the incoming residents.  Those folks find out about their acceptance on March 18, so we wanted to be sure and be on the market in time for "match".

So, with the help of our friend Erin who is a realtor, we will be putting the house on the market on Tuesday!
We've spent the last couple of weeks doing minor home repairs & getting things prepared for the showings that we hope will begin to inevitably follow in weeks to come.

Now that we've made this decision to move, I'm excited and hoping the selling process doesn't take too long- but we're also not in a huge hurry, so I know it will all fall into place at the right time.
Wish us luck!

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