Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Orleans Part 2

Abbegayle's wedding was Saturday evening.  Although the rain changed the wedding location from a garden courtyard to the room beside it, the wedding was still beautiful.  It was actually the first Jewish wedding ceremony I've attended, so it was fun to learn and see the customs that are so important to that faith tradition.
The wedding was followed by a great cocktail hour, then a very energy-filled reception with beautiful toasts & great time with friends.  What a wonderful celebration!

My mom had her hair done for the wedding.  Doesn't she look great?!
My mom with one of her oldest and dearest friends, Hugh
Momma & her girlfriends, Angie, Susan, Jean & Kaye
Stephen, Marc & Bill chatting during cocktail hour
The tables were gorgeous!  Instead of numbers at each table, the tables were labeled with the names of streets in New Orleans.
The mother-of-the-bride, Kim with my mom. 
Abbegayle & Mike's first dance
Rainey and Catherine chatting at the reception.  Catherine's wedding is in Atlanta this April!
Abbegayle's sister, and my oldest friend, Jessica.

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